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    A report published in the October Inhalation Toxicology Journal shows that exposure to vapour from E-cigarettes poses no risk to adults or children. The experts at hope the study will encourage more smokers to give up tobacco based cigarettes.

    London, UK (PRWEB) November 06, 2012
    While the number of people using e-cigarettes has increased significantly in the last few years there are concerns over how safe they are for the people using them and those around them. The manufacture of e-cigarettes is still largely unregulated and few scientific studies have been conducted into the impact their use has on air quality. One of the first studies to look into the effects of e-cigarette use was published in the October issue of the Inhalation Toxicology Journal. It found that e-cigarette vapour posed no significant risk of harm to human health.

    The study was conducted by CHANGE at the Clarkson University in New York. It compared the vapour produced by 4 different high-nicotine e-liquids with the smoke produced by conventional tobacco cigarettes. Some of the pollutants that were tested for included VOCs, nicotine, carbonyls, and TSNAs. As expected the smoke from tobacco cigarettes was found to pose a significant risk to human health. What may be more surprising for some was that the vapour produced by vaporising the e-liquid for both non-cancer and cancer risk analysis showed no risk to health for adults or children.

    There has been a growing controversy over the use of e-cigarettes with their use being banned in many countries where there is a smoking ban in place. This study should go some way to easy people’s fears about the use of electronic cigarettes.

    The rapidly rising cost of tobacco based cigarettes is another reason why many smokers in the UK are turning to e-cigs. With the price of 20 cigarettes close to £8, a 20 a day smoker is spending nearly £3,000 every year on their nicotine habit. The cost of vaping is around £1 per day and can be even cheaper with DIY E-liquid kits. There are hundreds of different flavours for e-cigs ranging from regular tobacco and menthol to bubble-gum, rum and even tiramisu flavours. They are legal to smoke indoors and produce none of the smells or smoke of regular cigarettes.

    The experts at say that vaping will only become more popular as more people in the UK come to realise the health and financial benefits of e-cigs. Whether they are used as a means of giving up tobacco or for the pleasure of vaping e-cigarettes are definitely here to stay.


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