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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jacky, Sep 25, 2016.

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    Sep 25, 2016
    I've been vaping on or off for a year, mostly off because I just could not find an all day vape that satisfied. Every single vape had some component that was unpalatable and I cannot vape the sweet stuff. In my countless year long search I found a couple I could tolerate however it wasn't until finding a particular flavour (cured apple tobacco) that I felt I found one that could actually get me off cigs. I don't love it but it does surpasses the tolerating point however I have never been completely satisfied. I do love the fact It's enough to get me off the stinkers for now. My 18 mg nic level seems ok and I understand the strength of the psychological attachment but feel that's not the problem either. I believe that WTA might be the solution however repeating the search of finding another palatable WTA e-liquid is daunting. I've read about it but just don't understand how to use. Do I have to choose from specific flavours it's mixed with? Can I mix it in with my tolerable on the palate flavour? I'd also like to try NET but again there's the flavour search aspect and the prices for the quality ones are high. Black note really appeals to me. Any help is appreciated as I've been vaping for over 2 weeks straight now but the urge to light a cig gets fierce. I smoked players light (then Canadians) before.
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    Sep 27, 2016
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    I think maybe the 18mg nicotine level is a bit of the taste problem. Levels of 12mg and more can taste oddly burnt in some machines. If you're finding your vape too cutting on the throat you could try a higher VG over PG level. The VG creates the cloud and the PG provides the throat hit. When I switched to vaping I started at 6mg and a 50/50 vape. I found the 50/50 too harsh so I switched up. I now use 80/20 and I get a smooth smoke with a good cloud and just enough throat so I know I'm not breathing air. I vape a lot more than I used to smoke but I think that's pretty normal given the low nicotine level of my vape. I don't know if adding other whole tobacco alkaloids to the vape is really of any benefit to your health. I suspect it is not. It may be just as unhealthy as smoking. I'm no expert though. If you're using a machine with a detachable tank maybe you would want to buy one or two extras and fill them with different tastes and switch them out a few times a day.
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