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    Oct 12, 2012

    Like I said in the video, this mod, above a lot of other mods. Has become my "go to" mod. Much like the helix, I love knowing that this mega size MKE IR 26650 battery (4000 mah - miliamp hours ) Will last me at least 3 days of vaping in between charges. As shown in the video the Bombshell Stinger it'self is incredibly durable, a few scratches and blemishes from dropping it multiple times on concrete , but nothing serious. It still works like a champ. The Bombshell stinger has integrated the kick perfectly. It's easy to take out the battery, as well as easy to screw off the top cap and adjust the kick if you need to. It also has the ability to be a "kick-less" mod if you desire. Or are un-able to get a kick right away for it. Again, I don't want to sound like i'm gushing about this mod here, but other than a slight concern about the life span of the button. I can't find a damn thing wrong with this mod. Like I said in the video, it's big... but most mods are big. I got the Silver finish, but even the black looks cool. You can bet your ass that if ever releases this in a green finish I would buy another one faster than you can say "where's my kick" thanks so much for watching everyone!

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