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    May 22, 2015
    The Complete Vaporesso Gemini Mega RTA is an upgraded version of Vaporesso Gemini RTA. It comes with 4.5mL tank capacity and 17mm build deck, user's now have more building room to play with and a longer vaping time can be achieved via the quick and easy top filling design. Along with the Gemini Mega's large build deck, the post terminals have large 2mm post holes for tremendous flexibility to cater to all kinds of building styles whether it be a single coil or dual coil build. Dual air tubes feed directly into the center chamber to cover multiple angles for maximum vapor and flavor production with airflow that can be precisely adjusted at the bottom base of the unit. The liquid control function will allow users to accurately dial in how much liquid they want to feed into the wicks to control flooding and dry hits depending on the viscosity of the liquid.
    Original Vaporesso Gemini Mega RTA $33.99
    Original Vaporesso Gemini Mega RTA $32.99

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