Weaning off Nicotine: A Reasonable Timeframe

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    Obligatory Warning: If you are a minor, you have no business playing with this stuff. Seriously, it's THAT dangerous.


    First of all it is my belief that without a doubt, the only use of an e-cigarette used in conjunction with a liquid containing nicotine, is as a cessation product. In other words they're used to avoid the intake of cancerous carcinogens, tars, and other 'mystery chemicals' we associate with traditional tobacco usage. For many of us after years of smoking, this is damage control. For others it is an effective method for weaning your body off nicotine indefinitely. That is what I am focusing on here.

    Note: if you are into vaping, for the pleasure of it (and all the power to you) this article is likely not for you, as it is focused on weaning yourself off nicotine, or at least a lower strength, with the use of an e-cig.

    For this article I will focus on cigarettes, but you can easily apply this to cigars, pipes or chewing tobacco.

    How Heavy a Smoker are You?

    Below are recommendation on the strength of nicotine based liquid you might try starting with based on the amount of cigarettes you smoke in one day. If you feel like you are getting too much nicotine (headaches, hiccups) by all means step these amounts down immediately.

    1-10/day - 9-12mg liquid
    10-20/day - 15-18mg liquid
    20-40/day - 24mg liquid

    The First 30 Days

    The first 3 days are the most difficult as your body adjusts to the absence of chemicals found in cigarettes, not including nicotine which you are getting with your e-cig. DO whatever it takes to NOT smoke a cigarette. When cravings arrive: use nicotine gum or lozenges. Hit that vape hard when you get a craving, but if you get a headache, this means you are likely getting too much nicotine. Keep telling yourself that if you get through these 3 days, it will get better, because honestly it will.

    By day 5 you should be feeling better, and the cravings will have subsided some. Food will start to taste better and your sense of smell will return. When you smell a cigarette, notice how nasty they smell.

    After 14 days you will likely see that your teeth are whiter, and you have fresher breath. Cravings should also have subsided much more by this point, but remember your gum or lozenges.

    By day 30 you should feel a marked improvement in your overall health. You may start to notice you have more lung capacity and might even find you have more energy. Many people also report improved skin health with less blotches, pimples, and pore grime. Congrats you have hit a real milestone as a non-smoker.

    Reducing Dosages: A Reasonable Timeframe

    This is just a rough guideline, but it is what worked for me and some of my friends and family. You may need to adjust the times either up or down to suit your needs and goals. The goal here is to be on 6mg liquid by the 1 year mark.

    The following is based on a pack/day smoker starting with an 18mg nicotine based liquid.

    1-3 months - 18mg
    4-6 months - 15mg
    7-9 months - 12mg
    10-12 motnhs - 9mg
    1 year+ - 6mg

    The following is based on a pack/day smoker starting with an 24mg nicotine based liquid.

    1-3 months - 24mg
    4-6 months - 18mg
    7-9 months - 12mg
    10-12 months - 9mg
    1 year+ - 6mg

    Final Thoughts

    That's about it. And remember, failure is a part of any process. If you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and try again. Eventually you will succeed, like many other before you. So I hope this quick guide helps some of you embarking on a life sans nicotine. Your family will thank you for it, but do it for yourself, you deserve it.
    Good luck! :)
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    A well written article. This is almost exactly the method I used, including the dosages. I was a pack a day guy so went from 18mg --> 9mg within about 10 months time-frame. Not sure I can make the jump to 6mg but that is the goal.

    Thanks for posting MV I'm sure others will find this useful.
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