VVV 11-6-13 ( BIG Giveaway, Defending Russ, Sigelei Legend )

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Bitter Brown video is here The Reddit thread mentioning Russ from Click Bang is here http://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_..._uburnt_wick_russ_from_click_bang_is_bad_for/ Leather Mod holders ( Vambrace ) is here Vambrance http://www.hengestandhorsa.com/ http://www.grimmgreen.com/post/65904459784/mod-holders-for-vikings This is what I found somewhat useful on bronze and copper toxicity http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu/profiles/extoxnet/carbaryl-dicrotophos/copper-sulfate-ext.html And for the giveaway. I need a short , 30second clip of SLOW MO vaping. To use in my future Vlog intro. There will be 3 winners First place is an Innokin iTaste MVP V2 kit Second Place is an Innokin iTaste VV V3 kit Third Place is a Kanger Protank Mini V2 Email me your subbmissions at Contest@grimmgreen.com The cut off for submissions is Wednesday November 13th, so lemme see what you can do! Obviously 18+ only. Lets try to keep this in the USA, if not then I'm sure we can arrange something. Thanks so much for watching everyone!!

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