VVV 10/16/13 ( Innokin VTR FIRST IMPRESSIONS )

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Back to the youtube after two full weeks away. I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention 1/2 of the stuff that I had intended to cover in this VLOG, but oh well... that's what I get for not writing anything down. Had a wonderful wedding and a fantastic honeymoon in Jamaica. Again, thanks so much everyone for the kind words and well wishes. Amber and I truly appreciate and loved all of them. Just going to guess that by the time you are viewing / reading this that the Arsenal stand has already been given away. Don't worry, I'll have some Innokin related giveaways later down the road. Sunday double feature will be back on track starting this weekend. Feels good to be back in the vape lair, fiddling away as usual. The fingerprint magnet known as the iTaste VTR has been doing pretty well. it's heavy and beefy... like really heavy and beefy. The switch is nice and the build is top notch. I'm not 100% sold on these "new" iClear 30 tanks. I'm hoping it just needs some more time to break in, the performance so far has been a little on the "Meh" side. Not terrible... just meh. Thanks so much everyone for hanging in there with my wonky schedule. You know that there is really no place I would rather be than right here talking vape with you all... well.. .maybe in Jamaica :) Grimm-Lion OUT! http://www.grimmgreen.com/ http://www.namberjuice.com

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