Vulcan Sleeve, Sick Clouds, VaperSlam

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Welcome to 2015 everyone! got another action packed VLOG for you today We cover all sorts of new things in the "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" segment including the Orchid I picked up, as well as the SICK CLOUDS unregulated box mod, The new Vulcan sleeve and the Infected mech mod .Lots of beer, Viewer mail, shoutouts and fun included. So tuck in, Grab your best vape and enjoy the video :) This program is also available on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Timestamps for everything as well as crucial links are below Top of the show is announcements and beer Shoutouts are at 6:30 First impressions are at 16:08 Sick Clouds mod is first Vulcan Sleeve is at 21:12 Orchid is at 25:40 Infected Mech mod is at 30:00 Retro Vaping is at 36:42 Viewer mail is at 43:00 Crucial links are below The Beer Calabraza Boreal The Vapor Infected Mech Mod Vulcan "Clolud Chaser" Sleeve Sick Clouds (Box mod) Orchid RTA VapeLyfe Juices The Other Select Vape on Instagram Drip Shield Vaperslam Oregon Vape Festival

    Via: Grimm Green's Youtube Channel

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