VaporShark DNA30 Review, Sage/TresEvo First impressions, CASAA call to action, also Beer

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    Hey everyone! welcome to the Vlog / What's in the news Robin for Thursday June 29th 2014. As usual we got a whole mess of stuff to talk about today including the Vape-A-Vet 4th of July charity event, how farmers could help vaping, the ACSH and using the word "QUIT" as well as the 3rd and latest CASAA "CALL TO ACTION" regarding the recent FDA proposals. Of course we will talk about some delicious beer and some heavy music. As well as have a full VaporShark DNA30 review and some first impressions of 2 mech mods. One from the Philippines called the Tres Evo and one from the States called the SAGE. So tuck in. Grab your best vape and enjoy the show. Timestamps are below for all the different segments. If you want the "Sweetening the deal" ringtone, let me know. I will e-mail it to you :) This program is also available on Soundcloud Top of the show is some VaperconWest / Hashtag talk Shout-Outs are at at 6:51 Jam Attack / Vape-A-Vet is at 8:07 Sage / Tres Evo first impressions also Hades and Cerberus RDA Start at 15:01 Beer talk is at 32:20 Farmers and Nicotine is at 38:14 Music / bands are at 40:35 VaporShark Review is at 46:00 ACSH "Quit" / CASAA talk is at 53:47 Crucial links are below The Beer The Music Structures Thorrs Hammer The Vape Gear Beyond Vape Sage Tres Evo Vapor Shark DNA30 The Other ACSH and "quit" Casaa Call To Action Will - Vape A Vet 1 year aniversary party VaperconWest

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