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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Hey friends, I recived the product free of charge from Vapor4Life for the pourpose of shooting a video. I paid nothing out of pocket, therefore it has no value to me. Now then, Apart from the high-ish price on these dial-a-volts , There is not much to complain about here. The smile-o-mizers, while more expensive that regular bouges, perform well, and last a good long time, Not to mention they hold a BUNCH of juice , almost tank levels of juice. I personally love the autoswitch, hands free vaping is one of the best things ever. In the car it's great, sitting here typing is great. The device is small-ish. About the same as a 100mah ego battery. The "XL" battery that I have is 1300mAh , so plenty of battery life, even the smaller 600mah batteries might get you through a full day of vaping depending on how you are hitting it. Thanks so much for watching everone! remember that Vapor4Life sends out weekly e-mails with up to %30 discount codes, so get on that mailing list for some more savings if you want.

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