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    Oct 12, 2012

    HAPPY 2013 FRIENDS!!! Guess it's time to take the leg lamp down eh? Back from VA, Still not 100% better but the show must go on right? After about 3 days of casual use, my Njoy King is starting to show signs of death. The pre filled cartomizer is feeling a bit dry and the hits are getting less and less which i'm assuming is related to the dying battery. I do feel like this is a "hey try this out" type of e-cig. I can't imagine using JUST this for vaping at $8 a pop I would probably end up spending over $50 a week just to vape. I can't stand that nJoy still uses the "THIS IS EQUAL TO 2 FULL PACKS OF CIGARETTES" Which I can tell you is not the case. Now if you are a new person, and you bought this, and you like this. Congratulation, this is a lot what vaping is like. If you want to continue using something that looks and feels more like a cigarette check these out and check out my video for it here as well If you want to go a little "bigger" than that. this is also a great option Don't forget to get some juice as well. If you need further instruction. This is one of the most helpful things I have found for getting started. Welcome to 2013, welcome to Vaping

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