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    Oct 12, 2012

    Just me for about 18min, getting nostalgic for the fantastic weekend Amber and I had in Chicago at Vapebash 2013. Plus a little "Micro review" for a few products that I picked up while I was there Including the Fluid Flask from The AMP Tank from and the iGO-L from Like I said in the video. the list of hugs / fist bumps and shout outs could go on for days. I didn't even get to cover everything I wanted to in this video either. Things like "little beers" and Scotts political career will have to remain memories only for me I suppose. Time for an epic long shoutout list in no particular order. Of course first and foremost I want to say thank you to the love of my life Amber TheVapeBabe. Ed Green, SgtTazz, DangerGirl and the rest of the Windy City Vapers Club, Adam , Scott and Antoinette from , John Moore and Jessica Rutland, Joe Litt, Tom and Josh and the Vaperfexion crew, Chris Masteller and Holly, The one and only PBusardo, Dimitris, Kevin, Russ, CJ Vaping Monkey and Amanda from the VPLive network. Lu and Violet from Honestvapor. Pudgey ( even though you like the Star Wars prequels ) My brother from another mother Flitzanu. Steampunk Bert, man this list literally never ends. I'm all about the human connection, So if you took the time to come say hi to me, then you have a special place in my heart. We are one big vapey family, and I promise to respect my responsibility, and help out where ever I am needed. I'm still going through my emails and private messages from the weekend, so my apologies If it takes some time to get back to any of you. Be good to eachother and of course.... Keep on Vaping PS: No i'm not retiring :)

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