The WolfCall RDA (Rebuildable atomizer)

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    Oct 12, 2012

    My thoughts and opinions on the Wolf Call RDA by Smok-e-Mountain I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment. Now then. I can't stress enough how much I totally love the way this atomizer looks. I love clean lines on things, and this atty has no intrusive spikes or holes. That bottom airflow makes for a super clean looking atomizer. The deck is a little strange, but not un-useable. Tri post design is easy to rock a nice dual coil on. The deck is 100% airflow holes. So wicking it can be a bit tricky but again, not impossible. If you really needed to, you could easily use the included plugs and cut off two of the airflow holes and use that extra area for wicking Vape Budget hands required as the WolfCall clocks in at $120. While it is pretty stellar, and I LOVE the clean look. $120 is a lot of cash. In the end the decision is yours to make. I'm honestly not sure I could justify the cost of this atomizer for me personally.

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