THE VLOG 12-11-13 ( Winners, GnomeMech, #IMPROOF )

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    Quick reminder there will be no Sunday Double Feature this weekend. But I do hope to have a VLOG for Wednesday December 18th, I wanna talk about the Guide To Vaping BEST OF 2013 awards Feel free to go vote, I'm not... but you can :) ... well... maybe I'll vote for Russ at least Comments go here on Contest winners! First Place Seth second place Ryan third place Corey Eczema goat milk soap Billy Vapers toolkit mobile site First impressions Chaos RBA gnome MECH Vape Rev As of Wednesday, December 4th, VapeRev has officially launched #IMPROOF. #IMPROOF isn't just a message. It's a movement. A movement that we as representatives, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers stand behind each and every day. #IMPROOF proudly introduces you to Karen Lee, a 73 year old woman who has given up her 55 year habit of smoking. She is also the first person to join the #IMPROOF Movement. Karen Lee's video is the first, of a series of documentary style clips VapeRev has plans to release as the #IMPROOF Movement gains momentum. With its recent launch, your support would greatly help to get this message even further than it has already reached. To really make this movement as powerful as we can, this community needs to work together to represent the industry in a positive light. Please take the time to review the links below for a better understanding of what we are hoping to accomplish with this movement. Karen Lee's Story To get involved, and to promote awareness, the variety of social media outlets are available to follow and share: Facebook: IMPROOFmovement Instagram: @IMPROOFmovement Twitter: @IMPROOFmovement Youtube: IMPROOF The #IMPROOF logo has already become the profile picture for several vapers among this community throughout different social media outlets, but we're just getting started! To further support the movement, change your profile pictures to the one attached below! Thank you for your participation and time. If you have any questions regarding the #IMPROOFmovement please don't hesitate to contact me. I appreciate you taking the time to read this email, and look forward to having your help with the growth of the #IMPROOFmovement.

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