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    Oct 12, 2012

    :DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices now then, like I said in the video, everyone has a vape budget. Including me. If you are looking for an incredibly unique pipe then maybe check out the PROMETHEUS. 18340 battery Max 3.7v output 510 connection touch sensor switch or tactile switch ( I prefer the tact switch, but that's just me) very solid design feels quite nice it's not going to explode your face with power vaping, but it will provide a very comfortable and relaxing vape experience. Will work REALLY well with 1.5ohm 510 and 306 atomizers. thanks so much for watching everyone!!

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