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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Clocking it at around $100 the Prestige autopipe has one big thing going for it. IT'S AN AUTO SWITCH PIPE! Call me nostalgic, call me "old school", Maybe it's because when I started vaping all those years ago all we had were auto switches on everything. I love vaping with auto switches. The pipe shaped mods especially are very conducive to having an autoswitch. Apart from the auto switch, this pipe is un regulated 3.7v with either a 16340 or 18350 battery. With the 18350 battery maxing out at around 900mah ( which might even be a bit of a stretch ) if you're going to use this as your "all day" , I would absolutely carry around a spare battery. It's acrylic, which is not the most durable material to be making vape gear out of, so BE CAREFUL , this pipe would not survive a fall onto concrete, or even tile floors. It looks nice, feels plasticy, and is less than durable. The tank is a 3ml tank, designed to be used with an XL sized cartomizer. Rawr recommends using the single coil SmokTech cartomizers with the flange at the bottom. Personally I would rather use an XL sized boge 510. They won't have a flange, but will vape much better IMO. It's a nice relaxing 3.7v, unregulated vape. Just holding the pipe and taking a toot is a joyous vaping experience. It's not going to blow anyone away with features and performance like some other higher end mods will. But it's an autoswitch pipe, and that is good enough for me. thanks so much for watching everyone!

    Via: Grimm Green's Youtube Channel

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