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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Shoutout to Linc Williams from the VapeTeam and WeAreVapers documentary, He arranged for this whole video to happen. I paid nothing out of pocket for this device, therefore it has no value to me. I apologize in the video I said the Opus-D was $246 , it is actually $242. So still quite expensive. I've always liked internal battery mods. I just do, It's one of the big reasons I like the iTaste MVP so much. I like the idea of treating my mod like I treat my phone / tablet / laptop. Charge the whole thing without swapping out batteries. When buying mods people see a cheap mod like the VAMO for $45 , but maybe sometimes don't realize that you need to also tack on the cost of good AW Batteries. Suddenly your $45 mod, becomes a $65 mod. The opus is a custom machined, DNA20 powered mod, with an internal 1500mah battery and a dial type wattage adjustment. That dial is what decided to break on my Opus, Like I said in the video I can still adjust it with a small flat head screwdriver, but I shouldn't have to resort to that in the first place. The dial also hinders the functionality of the DNA20 board on the inside, You wont be able to access all of the DNA20 features like stealth mode, or flipping the screen around. The performance is exactly what you would expect with a DNA20 on the inside, which is to say AMAZING. The DNA20 is one of the best most versitile vapes I have ever had EVER. While it wont run 0.4ohm builds, it will run as low as 0.6ohm builds. Which is just fine with me. The fit and finish are both amazing and awful. The machining is top notch and the form factor is small and comfortable to hold. The finish is just terrible. It feels exactly like a chalk board and Amber refuses to even hold it. Evidently this is due to the higher quality anodizing process. I've looked into painting or sanding it, but according to google, neither is a easy or recommended process so it looks like i'm stuck with this chalk board mod. Button is nice and squishy, never had a missfire, never had any trouble getting it to activate, even when pushing the extreme edge of the button, which honestly you won't be doing in your day to day use. Thanks so much for watching everyone!

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