The Odachi Genesis Hybrid mod

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Now I didn't really revive this for no charge for doing a video, this is "on loan" from another vaper. So it's been bumped up a bit in the Queue in order to return it to it's rightful owner. now then. As I've stated in the video, and many many times before that. I'm just not a huge fan of Genesis Hybrids. For those wondering a Genesis Hybrid is an "all in one" type of mod. The battery tube and tank and rebuilding deck are all one solid piece. nothing detaches from anything meaning you can use the Odachi hybrid tank on anything else. With that said. I had a pretty good time with this Odachi mod. I'ts easily one of the nicest and easy to use Hybrids i've ever vaped with. The O-Rings are snug, but only when they need to be. The tank is glass which makes it somewhat fragile, but otherwise this Odachi feels incredibly solid. The few gripes I have with it are that it uses 2 different screws on the building deck. An allen key will adjust the grounding screw, and the Philips head is the positive screw. Not a deal breaker, but it's a thing. Additionally the battery adjustment can be a little wonky at times. Often times I found myself just adjusting it so it would work, rather than have a "flush look". Genesis hybrids are not for everyone, but If you're into genesis hybrids. I've not yet come across a more quality feeling Hybrid than the Odachi. Get out those vape budget hands and feel free to check out the following links. Thanks so much for watching everyone!!

    Via: Grimm Green's Youtube Channel

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