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    Oct 12, 2012

    The website is somewhat wonky to navigate, so here is the link to the product Like I said in the video, It says that is also carrying them, although I could not find them on the site. Now then. As a dripper this is a very nice and reasonably priced re build able , in "TANK MODE" it leaves a little to be desired. It works well sometimes, and awful sometimes. The o-rings on the tanks portions are either too slide-y or too tight. I was using a 50/50 pg/vg blend with the mango. Maybe an all PG or 70% PG juice would work better in the Tank Mode. Very few issues with leaking, Like I said in the video occasionally I would get drip happy and fill the bottom cup to full with juice. But as long as your wicks are pushed down in there. You should be able to vape all the juice that you drip. Tight-ish but smooth draw in both modes, remember to always line up the air flow hole with the coils to get the best performance. Thanks so much for watching everyone!

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