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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Let google translations do all the work and away you go. now then, Like I said in the video. This was my first experience with a re-build-able tank style system. I've had this for about a month and a half now so I feel comfortable speaking about it. It's been vaping VERY nice for me. The key to any re-build-able anything is airflow. make sure that airflow is going right over the coils, after I figured that out and was able to tweak it. I started enjoying this KRUSER1 much much more. A re-build-able will only vape as well as the coil you make for it. So that aside the construction on the KRUSER1 is top notch. machined very well, good o-rings, great tube. I would recomend getting the stiffer draw option, and then tweaking it to how you like it. You can always widen a hole, but not the other way around. it's € 69.00 , which is $92 in US dollars.... again, everyone has a vape budget, if you want a SLICK tank that will work as well as you can rebuild it , the KRUSER1 is certainly a very well made option thanks so much for watching everyone!!

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