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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA I can't help but feel a little nostalgic vaping on a plastic box mod. Although none of my plastic box mods had this kind of performance, battery life, or safety features. This is the list of features / safety features from the website - Variable voltage chip manufactured in the USA (most competitors are using Chinese manufactured chips which experience short life) - Potentiometer manufactuerd in Japan (most competitors are using Chinese manufactured pots which experience short life with inconsistent results) - Continuous Short Circuit Protection - Overcurrent Protection - Overload Protection - Overheat protection - 6 amp limit (safe for dual coil cartomizters) - 2 26500 3000mah batteries required - WF-188 battery charger required - Variable Voltage from 2.9V - 8.4V - 510 Connection - Drip Cup (if you use carto tanks ask for your box with no drip cup. Drip cup will work with some drip shields) - On/Off Master Switch - Super Clicky Tactile Activation Switch (rated for 1 Million presses) - LED mounted outside the Beast Box, for a very bight, find your way in the dark, type of light. (or select no LED for super stealthy - Self Leveling Epoxy sealing the Circuitry, leaving a sleek polished finish. (Not cheap, messy looking hot glue like many of our competitors, no liquid will touch the circuitry) Quite a lot packed into this box. I also love that the website said "Clicky button" but regardless of all of that. It's still plastic, and while I would not say it's fragile, it's certainly not as durable as other mods out there. Which might be off putting to a lot of users. Both Vaporcaststore and Cigtechs carry the 26500 batteries, although they are both out of stock at the time of this video. Thanks for watching everyone!

    Via: Grimm Green's Youtube Channel

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