The FDA is serious 4-24-2014

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Again, It feels strange continuing on "business as usual" when these incredibly serious regulations are dropping from the FDA. Which is why i felt compelled to say something. This is a serious serious thing. It's worse for all of us than I think most people realize. I'm not trying to create a panic, or a frenzy. I'm trying to create awareness as to how damaging this will be for vaping. The FDA really really want's us to smoke cigarettes, and really really wants vaping to be run by big tobacco. I for one, won't stand for it. Here is the link to the article Here is a link to what Mr Conely said regarding the news ( down at the bottom ) This is going to change vaping as we know it. We need to stick together, we need to formulate a plan of attack. We need to protect vaping, with truth, with science and with passion. thank you so much for watching everyone. Vape well, and vape often -Grimm

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