The Duke MOD by Goss

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    Oct 12, 2012

    I bought this DUKE from for $130 and let me tell ya. It's worth every damn penny that I paid for it. Variable wattage up to 50w, Variable voltage up to 6v ( though they are not adjusted separately ) the Duke is very much an "adjust to taste" device. I start the voltage low, and just work my way up until it feels right. At any given time i'm never really sure exactly what wattage or voltage i'm using. But I don't ever care because the performance is just off the charts. What I truly like about this mod is that Goss is a good guy ( shocking, grimgreen being all touchy feely again ) He really does stand behind is product, and he really does want people to have a safe and powerful vaping experience, and to me, that goes a very very long way. it's just a big black box, nothing fancy, just plenty of power. The links below are to Goss's blog where he updates stock statuses regularly, and to DBLiquids where I purchased my DUKE Thanks so much for watching!

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