The Dreadnought, Disposibles, V4L, And The ACSH

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Hello hello everyone! welcome to the VLOG / What's in the News Robin for Thursday May 22nd 2014. Got a LOT going on in this VLOG. As always there will be timestamps below to the different segments. We start off with some shoutouts to a few vape related Facebook Groups. We also talk about Daniel and the DREADNAUGHT 26650 dripper hybrid mod, it's a monster for sure. There is a few Namberjuice announcements during the JAM ATTACK. Of course there is some beer talk and music / metal talk. We also talk not just about the USA / FDA Vape regulations, But also talk about the ACSH and some Australian legal news that comes to us via Myles. End of the video is reserved for talking about and using all sorts of disposable e-cigs including the Evoke products and the new WOWVapor products. So tuck in, grab your best vape and enjoy the program. Time stamps and links are below. If watching on YouTube please allow some time for them to process the video before the HD Option is available. This program is also available on Soundcloud Shout out's are at 04:45 Dreadnought is at 10:37 Jam Attack is at 10:52 Namberjuice announcement is at 21:58 Beer and Music are at 30:40 ACSH / Legal / FDA / Austraia stuff is at 38:52 All the disposables are at 50:49 Crucial links are below The Legal Stuff IVISI - Composed Chaos article Myles - Australia vape bans related links Director of Advocacy at the Cancer council of Australia "Paul Grogan" at or call him directly on (02) 8063 4155 and tell him how they feel about their vaping experience and why this needs to be allowed in the country of Australia. The Beer Gulden Draak 9K The Music Goss - Merging Moon Alejandro - Matt Pike vapes - High on fire Black Cobra The Vape Gear DripClub V4L Evoke TenMotives WowVapor The Other ACSH - American Council on Science and Health William - Bridge the gap Fabio - Portugal vapers John - t-Shirts

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