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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Device sent for the purpose of a video, I think you know how this works Now then. With the exception of the stiff and squeally airflow situation happening on the Adam. I Basically love everything about it. The fit and finish is without flaw. And the ability to fine tune that fit and finish by utilizing adjustable springs, adjustable center post and removable "vanity rings" makes a good package even better. This will use a whole SLEW of batteries, both kicked and non kicked. It's not hard in any way to figure out what rings you will need to use with what battery. Make sure that switch is screwed down TIGHT and the locking switch feature will work just fine. It's quite reassuring knowing that my mod has no ability at all to fire while in my backapack or pocket. If you use boges ( like me ) then it might be a bit of a bummer. If I can figure out this airflow issue I will CERTAINLY report back. $170 for what feels like a $250 mod seems like a screaming deal. Again ( vape budget hands ) as far as mechanical mods go in 2013 , this is the best I have used yet. It feels classy and I can absolutely picture myself using this while "out on the town"

    Via: Grimm Green's Youtube Channel

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