The Cheap to Crazy Cigar Experiment

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    Oct 26, 2013
    Do the rest of you ever get bored with what you have in your humidor? A couple months ago, I was staring in my humidor trying to choose a cigar for the evening. I picked up one, put it back. I picked up another, put it back. I think I stood there and touched every brand I had in the humidor and did not feel excited about any of them. They were all good cigars, but I felt bored. It was almost like picking up the TV paper and seeing all the shows tonight are reruns you already watched.

    I decided to try an experiment. I was going to buy a minimum of 25 new cigars to sample ranging from extremely cheap to more expensive than normal cigars. I jumped online and started doing some research, on the forums, cigar store sites, and on a few blogs. The adrenalin was pumping and the smoke was puffing. Yes, I did light up a cigar from my humidor to smoke while I started my exploration, but I do not remember which one.

    Following is my list of 25 cigars and a short comment on each one. The list is in no specific order, and those comments are far short of a good review.

    1. Padron 1926 No. 1 Natural – - Worth every penny, strong, even, and wonderful.
    2. Cohiba Black Churchill – A good medium strength cigar, with great flavor, burned evenly.
    3. Montecristo Robusto – Good to great flavor, my stick burned unevenly forcing several relights.
    4. Alec Bradley Prensado Corona Gorda – One of my favorites, a definite "buy again".
    5. AVO Domaine No. 30 – Nice cigar, smoked smooth, good full flavor.
    6. Camacho Triple Maduro Torpedo – Another cigar to make my "buy again" list, great taste.
    7. Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild – I expected more, nice cigar, but not one of my favorites.
    8. Macanudo Cafe Duke of Windsor – Too light for me, but would be great for a few of my friends.
    9. Don Mateo No. 7 – Surprised me, a very pleasant cigar for the price.
    10. Davidoff Hendrik Kelner Corona – My stick had a lot of flavor deviation end to end.
    11. King Edward Tip Cigarillos – Stop laughing. Yes, it was quite bad.
    12. Prince Albert Soft Vanilla – It resurrected memories of college and drinking beer, not a cigar for today.
    13. Phillies Blunts Sour Apple – This was my biggest surprise, a great little cigar for those odd flavor moments.
    14. Good Times Double Maestro Palmas – Cuban seed tobacco, maybe from the waste can.
    15. Perdomo Fresco Maduro Robusto – Pleasant taste, nice burn, good value cigar.
    16. Don Mateo No. 9 – Not bad, but definitely not my favorite from Don Mateo
    17. La Finca Romeos – Cough, ahem, Ok, so maybe not horrible, but my stick burned unevenly.
    18. Liga Undercrown Gran Toro – Smoked the day after the La Finca, felt like heaven. Nice cigar.
    19. Griffin's Robusto – It has a nice burn, but a little too mild for my palette.
    20. Partagas No. 1 – It is a cigar with a very nice flavor, good burn. I have added a few more sticks to my humidor.
    21. Acid Blondie Belicoso – Interesting smoke, good flavor, but slightly hotter than most.
    22. Acid Liquid – Interesting flavor, would definitely smoke again.
    23. Rocky Patel Valedor Robusto – I knew I could trust you, Rocky. Great cigar.
    24. Nub CAIN Maduro 460 – Not a Nub lover, but I just added more to the humidor, great fast smoke.
    25. Alec Bradley Black Market Torpedo – I found this to be a very pleasant cigar with a good flavor and nice burn.

    The biggest surprise in my three weeks of playing around was the Phillies Blunts Sour Apple. An unusual cigar tasted better with a beer, which is why I said "odd flavor moments". I would not light one up to have at home for a relaxing smoke, but would have one at the bowling alley with a beer, or was that after a few beers.
    The Padron 1926 No. 1 was the best cigar of the group. Those King Edward Tip Cigarillos were a gift from a bowling friend who is addicted to the things. I cannot think of one nice thing to say about those cigars, except it was free. The Liga Undercrown Gran Toro was a very nice surprise after the horror of the La Finca. I will probably add more of the Gran Toro's to my humidor in the future.

    I learned those cigars in my humidor are very good, and the new additions make it even better. I am busy looking at cigars on right now trying to choose my next 20 cigars for round two of my experiment. If you have any suggestions, and they do not have a plastic tip, I would be happy to hear them. If you have never tried an experiment like this, I suggest you try it. You will be surprised how good some of the cheap cigars taste and how average some of the higher priced cigars taste. Go ahead and try a couple of those rock gut cheap cigars from the grocery store, too. It is amazing how much it makes you appreciate a good cigar when you just tasted something that bad. It is kind of like eating a cold McDonald's cheeseburger the next day, or eating a hot sizzling piece of medium rare prime rib.

    I am seriously debating if I travel back farther into my college days and order a small box of Swisher Sweets for this next trial run or not. Of course, that could be early stage Alzheimer's setting in.

    I failed to mention one important point earlier. None of these cigars had more than 2 days in the humidor, so aging was next to zero. This could have caused some of the uneven burns I experienced, except those cigars came from a local smoke shop that keeps cigars in a large walk-in humidor. I purchased some of the cigars online, also. For my next round, I am buying all of the cheaper cigars from online stores, not from the local grocery stores or smoke shops. I will keep the cigars in the humidor for at least one week prior to starting the great smoking adventure this next time.

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