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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Received 2nd hand from a friend for the purpose of doing a video, I paid no money out of pocket for this device, therefore it has no value to me, I'm simply reporting the truth as I see it regarding this device. Now then, If you like vaping on Boge 510 cartomizers in a tank, then really your search for a good vape begins and ends with the Billet Box. Assuming that you also like a square design, and a slightly airy draw. The Billetbox is a true rugged workhorse with an OK battery life. Milled from a Billet of CNC milled 6061 t6 aluminum it has a solid carbon fiber cover on the back and on the door. While the button is far from clicky, it's still quite nice. I have not had a missfire yet. The BilletBox has an AIRY airflow. Like I said in the video, the cartomizer does not screw down into a 510 connection. It simply sits on top of a brass contact. Pair that with the airflow vents on the side of the billetbox and it makes for quite the airy flow. Be prepared to punch 3-4 BIG holes in your cartomizer in order to get that juice flowing. Using a pre-punched Boge might lead to problems with juice feeding as the billetbox simply does not create enough pressure in the tank to feed juice on it's own, without big holes punched in the cartomizer. Overall I really like it. the 6.5ml tank really lasts and lasts. It's rugged, it's durable, it's pocket friendly, its variable voltage up to 5.5v. The only downside in my eyes, besides the airy draw, which may not be a big deal to most vapers, is the battery life. I can just barely get a whole day out of the small 16340 batteries. Thanks so much for watching everyone!! hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend!billet-box/c1h6a

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