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    I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment. LOT of of uppie-closey stuff in this video, just a heads up :) Now then, The nemesis is a pretty badass mechanical mod. I said this at least 100 times in the video but I love how versatile it it. Almost everything is adjustable from the throw of the switch to the airflow, so you can really dial this in to vape and look exactly how you want it to. 18650 + a Kick? absolutely. When the Nemesis first arrived I said "this mod is too nice for me" I was scared to take it out of the house because I didn't want it to get scratched up. Well it was inevitable that the scratches were going to come, and they REALLY did Compare these pictures here with pictures of a brand new Nemesis here and you will see how scratched up this got in a matter of weeks. I'm assuming there is a way to buff and shine this back up. The Mothers polish I used on the brass ring was OK at shining it up, but I have a feeling I need something with a bit more grit to it. Apart from that i've loved using the Nemesis, I dig the switch ( which I see has a new magnetic upgrade kit ) I like the adjusiable airflow. I like that it can use a whole slew of battteries with and without the Kick. It's expensive *vape budget hands* but right now, If I had to pick one Mech to use it would be the nemesis without question. Thanks so much for watching everyone! welcome back from ECC and Vapefest.

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