The AR mod by TAC mods ( Mechanical mod )

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    Oct 12, 2012

    The AR Mech mod by TAC mods I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment. Now then. This mech mod comes to me via Royal Diamond Vapes and more ( link below ). Now the AR mod is not my favorite mech. The aesthetics of it aren't even that appealing to me. Like I said in the video it's designed to look like an AR-15 rifle. And being that i've never used an AR-15, i'm just going to have to take TAC mods word for it. The Damn thing is rugged, No one can argue that. Super solid construction. Durable finish. VERY grippy ( almost sharp ) texure on it. This thing is a workhorse for sure. Slightly annoying battery rattle adjustment. But it does have an adjustable 510 connection so all your RDAs and RBAs and KayFuns will sit nice and flush. No locking feature on the switch, but the switch will essentially sit flush with the bottom of the mod. Ive never once said "man I wish this AR mod could lock" Ive never felt the need to lock it. But that's just me. People tell me the AR mod "hits like a beast" it hits well. Hits very much like a lot of the other high end mech mods that i've tried. Which is to say it hits good. Vape budget hands? Clocking in at $165 the AR mod is actually pretty reasonably priced. That's $10 less than one of my all time favorite mech mods the Titan BY VHO and that one is well worth the money. As always vape what you can vape, and afford what you can afford. In the end how much money you decide to spend is up to you. I will say that the clone of the AR mod is complete garbage, just an awful awful awful hunk of crap. Feel free to check out the AR mod here

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