The $13 Caterpillar Atomizer RDA!

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    Oct 12, 2012

    My review and thoughts on the quite impressive, and inexpensive Caterpillar atomizer made by Smoktech and sold by It's only $13?! and totally worth it. Gonna spread these two videos out over the next 2 weeks, So there will be one today, then one next monday? sound ok? I'll be gone at VapeMania14 this weekend! hope to meet some of you there!!! I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment. now then. One think to keep in mind while you watch this video, is that thisRDA is only $13! even if it only lasts a month or two, it's sill only $13! My Caterpiller has been going strong for 3 months now with no sign of slowing downThe deck is nice, but not perfect. Shallow juice well makes over dripping a reality. Adjustable airflow on the top cap, though i've never realy utilized it as I really really enjoy the "swoshy" airflow I get from the 5 holes. Simple, straight forward, not much more you could ask for really Feel free to check it out here

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