SubOhm Protank ~ Tesla 120 review ~ Passthrough

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    Oct 12, 2012

    VLOG 3-5-15 Hey everyone! welcome to the VLOG for Thursday March 5th 2015. I wasn't sure if this VLOG was going to happen, and I have no idea why there is no logo in the first half of the video. But thankfully my internet guy showed up and saved the day. As usual we have some very cool stuff to talk about including some VERY rare beer. We do some slight first impressions for some Sub-Ohm PROTANK coil heads. Thats right.. PROTANK coil heads. I toss a review of the Tesla 120w box mod in there as well. Don't forget about the shoutouts and music. Sorry for the lack of organization on my part, but this VLOG was a VERY VERY last min recording. No matter, this program is also available on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. Timestamps and all crucial links are below. -----Soundcloud link----- -----TIMESTAMPS----- Top of the program is advocacy... kinda Beer is at 7:54 Shoutouts are at 14:40 First impressions are at 21:01 Tesla 120 review is at 41:22 Retro Vaping is at 47:43 Music is at 56:29 Crucial links are below -----The Beer----- Russian River Supplication -----The Vapor----- Tesla 120w box mod Tesla Invader V2 Coil Winders Sub-Ohm ProTank heads -----The Other----- Original VP Passthrough review GoreGore Britnee VaporTalk Store Casaa Calls to action RavenVapes Video -----The Music----- Arcane Ages Red Moon Architect -----My Social Media----- Instagram Twitter Facebook Namberjuice

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