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    More ProVari looking version Flat top version And just incase anyone asks about the tank, it's the FluidFlask from Now then, This is the Sigelei zMax V3, it happens to telescope, but that's not part of the name. The zMax in this video is the "flat top" version, which I much prefer to the more rounded "pro vari" looking version, but to each his own. Variable voltage up to 6v, and variable wattage up to 15w , This mod is designed for atomizers and cartomizers in the 1.5ohm to 3ohm+ range. It wont fire any super low OHM or sub OHM rebuildable atomizers. Which is not entirely shocking, i'm just pointing it out. But pair this mod up with an EVOD or a ProTank, or a carto tank, and it's a smashing good vape. The Menu is easy enough to navigate, much easier than the old LCD zMax menu. Like I said in the video, the airflow is great, and it has that raised, Ego style 510 connection so your vision stardust clearomizers and EVOD clearomizers will fit on here no problem. As well at a 510 atomzier and drip shield without needing an adapter. Feels solid in the hand, and can use a good verity of batteries from 16340 to 18650, although you might need the smaller bottom cap for 16340 batteries, and i'm not sure if it comes with the standard kit. Thanks so much for watching everyone oh one last thing, The zMax V3 wont even read the ohms of a SUB-OHM coil. unlike the VAMO or Tesla, that will read them, just not fire them. This wont do either. ok

    Via: Grimm Green's Youtube Channel

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