Semovar MOD from SvoeMesto

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    Oct 12, 2012

    This video ended up being MUCH longer than I wanted it to, so I apologize. 23min, while not incredibly long. Is a bit longer than i'm comfortable with. I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment. Now then, The Semovar is a beast, powered by the Nivel chip it offers plenty of power, as well as solid construction and durability. Nice easy to read screen (Though some might complain it's only LCD) nice button, and accessories. It's also quite pricey for what it is $200+ is a lot of scratch for a mod. Even something as nicely made as the Semovar it feels steep. As always, it's up to your vape budget hands to decide what you can afford. If you end up down the Semovar road, it WILL perform very nice, and be a VERY durable and versatile mod in the long run. feel free to check em out here Thanks so much for watching!

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