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    Oct 12, 2012

    L-Rider robust appears courtesy of http://www.vaporcigzz.com/ , a solid vendor Now then. Insanely full featured for such a tiny device, the downside of having such a tiny device is that the battery life on the 14500's , while not completely awful. Is not amazing, and just can't stand up to the vaping that I put it through. Now if you don't mind carrying around 1 or 2 extra 14500's then you wont have anything to worry about. Unfortunately the L-Rider Robust also carries the same annoying "Scale back the voltage" feature that the other L-Rider mods have. You want 5.0v on a 2.0ohm cartomizer? tough. It's not happening with this mod. This mod has a SMALL form factor, which some people are looking for. It will check your ohms, check your battery and has a slew of safety features. It's a lot packed in there. I would fully recommend this mod much more if it simply had a 3amp switch and a slightly bigger battery. I'm honestly suprised no one takes advantage of the AW 17670 battery. It's smaller than an 18650, and offers a decent battery life. No matter. The L-Rider Robust is not for me. It might exactly what you are looking for. But with the ego twist out there. This mod is going to be a hard sell. Certainly this does not reflect badly on Vaporciggz.com , They are a reputable vendor with many other MUCH better products. Thanks so much for watching everyone Keep calm, and Vape on http://www.grimmgreen.com

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