Reviews of 14 brands of E-Liquid/Juice

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    i am just going to share some links of the reviews we made for this e-liquids... in brackets is a small preview of the reviews:

    The link is not to the vendors! Is for the complete review!

    1- V2 Platinum ( Premium e-juices, expensive but has 10% discount coupon: QSC10)
    2- Vaporfi ( Popular, economic and has a LOT of flavors, also include 12% discount coupon in the link)
    3- MigVapor ( Exotic flavors, great variety, a little expensive but includes 10% discount coupon on the link too!)
    4- BlackNote ( Perfectionists, expensive ones but GREAT quality, little variety)
    5- Vista ( Average e-liquids, good inventory, that's all)
    6- Mt. Baker Vapor (prices start at 4.99, popular with many reviews from buyers, some are good some are not!)
    7- ZampleBox ( really famous in the US, has a large community where you get samples for subscribing their newsletter)
    8- Henley ( Very limited selection, Premium, expensive but great quality)
    9- Virgin Vapor ( Organic, Natural e-juices, try to stay as much natural as they can!)
    10- Crystal Canyon ( Flavor focused company, small selection)
    11- Strix ( New company, great prices, rising popularity, 19 flavors inventory)
    12- Vape Dudes ( 200 unique flavors, allows you to mix your flavors and order them! )
    13- HighBrow ( lives up to their name by packing their-liquid in butcher’s paper and twine.)
    14- Crave ( CANADIAN, Organic vaping juices, low price, new comapany)
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    V2 is beautiful to look at. Very high quality.

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