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    Feb 16, 2014

    Today I’m going to be taking a look at the new Magnum Rev-3 SNAPS E-Pack starter kit from ePuffer.

    At first glance it is clear that ePuffer has put a lot of thought and energy into their packaging and presentation. The box itself is great looking and tidy and the two piece box would make a fine gift for someone (or for yourself).

    Having used the Colibri Nano from ePuffer for quite some time I was excited to see the Magnum come with the E-Pack charging case. In addition to being able to charge your batteries on the go, the E-Pack case has the bonus of a case battery charging level with a button that doubles as the on-switch for the built-in flashlight. For those of you who sometimes forget to charge your mobile devices, this will come in VERY handy.

    Included in the starter kit are a wall charger and car charger that offer even more convenience while on the go, two batteries, three flavor cartridges (0 mg), a USB cable, user manual and a $5 off coupon for online orders. Interestingly, ePuffer has gone with a standard Micro-B end for their charging cable on this unit – the same as many Samsung cellphones and my Kindle e-book reader thus making the unit chargeable with cables many people might have already.

    Over the next few days I’m going to switch to the Magnum Rev-3 SNAPS to give the product a proper test. Along with my sample starter kit, ePuffer sent me a variety pack of cartridges for the system (see links at the end of this article). The website states that each cartridge should give approximately 400 puffs making it equal to just over one pack of analog cigarettes. For most people this should mean that the case (with room for one charging battery, one charged and assembled unit and a spare cartridge) should be all they need to carry.

    In comparison to the a regular analog (not king) the Magnum SNAPS is slightly longer and fatter – if you like to carry yours in your pocket like I do this shouldn’t be much of an adjustment. I was concerned at first that with only a magnet to hold the two pieces together it would be a problem to carry it in my pocket but now I see that the magnet is more than powerful enough to hold it together.

    The amount of vapor produced by the unit is impressive given its relatively small size compared to the tank systems designed for heavier smokers. The draw is smooth and very quiet – exactly what I’ve come to expect from ePuffer products. Unlike a lot of other models though, the Magnum produces a good amount of vapor right down to when the battery or the cartridge runs out – make sure you have your charging case with you as either one can run out suddenly!


    Good amount of vapor, smooth and quiet

    Charging case – convenient and portable

    Small size but powerful and long lasting

    Super easy to use, just snap together


    Not many, this quickly became one of my favorites

    A lot thicker than a traditional cigarette, more like a short cigar

    Battery life seems short

    Would prefer if they included a USB charger instead of the car adapter, but for those who commute the car charger is a nice feature

    Overall this is a great package for those light to mid-range smokers who like to keep their setup clean and mobile. No refilling, easy to use and extremely convenient. On average I needed 3 charged batteries per cartridge and it did seem to provide roughly the advertised number of puffs. A single charge of the case was more than adequate to charge the number of batteries I needed for a day, in fact, the charging case charged 5 batteries for me before needing a recharge itself.

    ePuffer as a company is very easy to deal with and the few times I have had minor issues with their products in the past, they were more than happy to replace the unit with a minimum of fuss. Definitely an A+ for service!


    Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review about products I have actually used.

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