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    RTA with Dual coil has become the major tender as the increasingly high requirements from vapers. The lowest demand of wattage is 30W to 50W for the cloud chasing RTA. Mini style single 18650 battery box mods are out of date because of battery life and performance

    Why not talk with RDA ? Because RDA usually requires dual 18650 box mod , while the tender I talked before makes many vapers who crazy for mini box mod change to dual 18650 box mod since its power fulfill the demand of big cloud . However , for an addicting and demanding vaper , even for a dual battery mod , I’d like to find the most mini one.

    Today I will show you 3 mini dual box mod.


    Dual battery box mod has the advantage that can offer the excellent continue power , so it fits low resistance and high wattage output. With the requirement of mini size , today’s box mods are all the extremely in size of battery room.

    Smoant BattleStar(200W)、IPV400(200W)、Sigelei Fuchai 213(213W).

    1. Cute Ant with sultry look BattleStar- Smoant BattleStar(200W)
    Smoant is the sub brand of Cloupor , BattleStar is the newest work form them. With the sultry color and look , it is very attractive. No matter of the appearance or flowing lines , it adapts to vapers that persuit with good look.


    It is the smallest in three box mods above, but just a little. Battery room is the limit of size because of double batteries.
    It features VM/ Ni/SS/Ti/NiCr/TCR mod, stable output , easy operation.
    For its shortcoming maybe is the issue of fire delay . 200W is the highest output , but if you set it above 50W or 60W , delay becomes more obviously.

    2. Good helper of preheating coil ——Sigelei Fuchai 213
    I believe you may know Sigelei 213W Box mod , while Fuchai 213W is the cheaper version of sigelei 213. It has the friendly price and same performance with that . Of course , there is a little difference on material.


    Fuchai213 has a practical function that is Preheat Power Adjustment”.
    Throught is you can preheat the wire and adjust the flavor . When using twisted wires , it solve the problem of slow heating. Fuchai 213 was popular in RDA vapers because of this point.
    However , everything has double face.
    It can not be shut off, that means is a waste of power. After long usage there is a little loose of the fire buttom , and few stupid of system reflection.

    3. Eder role with YIHI chip-——IPV400
    IPV serious is well known to experienced vapers. It was the shinning star as “King of temperature Controller” in the time when there were not various TC box mod in the market. Generally it is only the vapers saying , I won’t show any idea about that . However , we cannot denny that IPV is an old serious.

    From IPV5 , big size is the continue shortcoming of them. So newest IPV4 400 has changed it and become to mini size box mod as IPV D3 . Withing YIHI chip ,it is enough to persuade vapers about output and performance
    The disadvantage for IPV400 is the traditional appearance without fashion. Also I felt a little troublesome when I need to push combo buttom to enter menu , and then set the TC menu step by step.
    We have talked about the shortcomings of 3 box mods , so how can we choose the best for you ?
    There are too many box mods in the market , No one can be perfect . The most fit is the best .

    Smoant BattleStar(200W):
    First choice of whom pursuit the look .
    Reliable temperature control and it has the high ratio of performance to price.

    Sigelei Fuchai 213
    With “Preheat Power Adjustment” , it is the first choice of twisted wire vapers.

    Maybe it is the best choice for who are chasing for NI200 TC control and old brand especially likes the 510 thread.

    All in all , everything looks simple , if you are clear with the most important point for yourself , it is so easy to make a decision. There won’t be much difference of price here : www.efun.top


    Smoant BattleStar(200W)$38.49
    IPV400(200W) $47.06
    Sigelei Fuchai 213(213W) $46.99


    Welcome show your point on this review !

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