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    I can't BELIEVE I didn't mention this in the video. This Legacy came to me as a gift Via my buddy and GrimmArmy member Shane. So super thanks and fist bumps to Shane for making this video possible. Now then. Like I said in the video, even just a year ago I would have probably been RAVING about this mod. Puresmoker makes nice mods, But the single battery tube is a little "old hat" to me. Again... the mod itself is gorgeous, through and through it reeks of quality. The only saving grace of this mod is the ability to use a kick inside. Now the kick is certainly not going to work well with everyone's vape style. I use generally low res, single coil cartomizers and atomizers. The Kick does NOT like dual coils in any capacity. If you are a dual coil user you are probably better off just stacking some RCR123a batteries in the Legacy and going at it. With all the options out there for variable voltage, zMax , Provari, Kick, Ego twist, Vision Spinner, VVK-go. There is no reason to be at the mercy of a dying battery anymore. Any of the aforementioned devices will give you a good, consistent vape. At just the right voltage for almost anything you are using. Feel free to check it out here http://www.puresmoker.com/product_p/legacy.htm Kick is here http://www.puresmoker.com/product_p/kick.htm as well as other vendors as well http://altsmoke.com/accessories/kick/kick-by-evolv.html http://shop.nhaler.com/The-Kick-Kick.htm http://electronicstix-com.myshopify.com/products/the-kick-by-evolv I get my batteries here http://www.lighthound.com/ AW IMR batteries are IMO the best mod batteries as of right now thanks so much for watching everyone! http://www.grimmgreen.com

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