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    At popular request here is the Darwin VS Provari video. I honestly said at the begining of this video "I don't want to make a 20 min long video" then BOOM , the damn thing is 20 min long.. now then I feel like I tried to point out ( from my point of view, and tailored to the way that I vape ) both the good and bad of both devices. Performance and low fiddle factor for me goes to the Darwin, I like the idea of keeping my darwin at 9watts and letting it do the busy work while I enjoy a vape. The ProVari will do essentially everything that the darwin does, but you will have to earn it. Over time you might not even notice a difference. Check the ohms, consult ohms law, set your voltage and vape. The Darwin shuts down with a swing of the arm ( which depending on what you are using on it , might not close all the way ) Powering down the ProVari will take a bunch of extra clicks, which also makes me worry about the longevity of that single button on the ProVari. Aesthetically the ProVari is more desirable to me. It's a tube which I am used to. And with the exception of the Stardust type tanks, everything with a 510 connection will be plug and play no adapters needed. Let's be honest, the Darwin looks like a tire gauge, it's awkward and square with an offset 510 arm. If you want to use anything else other than a standard sized atomizer or cartomizer you WILL NEED a long 510 to 510 adapter. Again... with a tank or large cartomizer on there the arm will simply not close all the way. Usually it will close enough for the power to be shut off. But not enough to store anywhere on your person comfortably. in the end the choice is yours. Like I said in the video, Either of these mods will up your vape experience and provide an excellent level of performance. Remember price as well, the Darwin clocks in at $245 for the darwin alone, no bells and whistles. Where as $211 on the Provape site will get you a Provari , 2 batteries, a charger and a box of cartomizers. Also remember that the Darwin has a 1600 mAh internal battery, re-chargeable via mini USB and works as a passthrough while you are charging it. So batteries and a charger are unnecessary for the Darwin. Thanks for watching everyone! vape well and vape often

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