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    Nov 20, 2014
    This will be our update thread for our new line of e-liquids & new hardware coming in. Also, coupons and deals will be posted here so keep an eye open on the thread [​IMG]

    A little about me:
    Egyptian born and raised so was raised around a smoke-friendly environment. Started smoking cigarettes and shisha at the age of 12 and was introduced to the e-cigarette through a kiosk vendor at a mall back home. It got me hooked and as I progressed to ego styled batteries and eventually mechanical mods. At that time, I thought it'd be time to influence smokers to stay away from cigarettes as much as possible and also guide some beginner vapors like I was [​IMG]

    Premium Pharaoh Liquid:10ml= $4.99
    30ml= $9.99

    Offer!!! Buy one 30ml bottle get the other absolutely free :) Unlimited use (2 bottles = 2 free bottles)

    Check us out at:
    Pharaoh Vapes
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    Local pick-ups are available in Ottawa, Ontario [​IMG]

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