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    VLOG 3-26-15 Welcome everyone to the VLOG for Thursday March 26th 2015. Due to me feeling incredibly under the weather, were going to stray a bit from the usual schedule. There will be some beer footage from VaperSlam. We do talk a bit out Vaperslam, give some shoutouts, do some first impressions. We also have a short review for the Freakshow MINI RDA So tuck in, grab your best vape and enjoy the program. Timestamps and crucial links are all below -----Soundcloud link----- -----TIMESTAMPS----- Top of the program is announcements / Activism Vaperslam BEER is at 15:12 VaperSlam / Shoutouts are at 17:24 First impressions are at 26:37 Freakshow MINI Review is at 42:32 Retro Vaping is at 47:50 Crucial links are below -----The Advocacy----- Not Blowing Smoke website Not Blowing Smoke Facebook Cassa INDIANA Call to action Vaping Lung Study -----The Beer----- Dragon Milk -----The Vapor----- MadIndustries FMJ mod Chump Modz DiamondBack mods Freakshow Mini RDA -----The Other----- Hub City Vape Shop Original VMU video Battery Website -----My Social Media----- Instagram Twitter Facebook Namberjuice

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