New products launching---ADCT & E-pipe 510 and combo of both

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    May 23, 2013
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    Hello My Dear Friends,

    It's my great pleasure to introduce our newly launched products: ADCT clearomizer & E-pipe 510 and the combo of both.

    First, ADCT has five dominant advantages over the regular DCT and other clearomizers:
    1. E-liquid conducted to the wick can be controled by screwing heating coil base up and down so as to set appropriate vapor desired by you.
    2. Airflow can be adjusted by sliding up and down the tube to set a suitable puff as per your requirement.
    3. The coil head can be disintegrated from the tank and used as a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) separately as per your personal preference.
    4. ADCT has the bottom coil structure (equal to BCC) which ensures no burning taste even when the juice is draining down.
    5. ADCT gives a purest flavor ever since and a huge vapor.

    Then, E-pipe 510 has such dominant advantages as follow:
    1. It is completely mechanical design, which frees your mind from worrying about breakdown due to possible PCB problems.
    2. It has 510 thread connection, which is compatible with many popular atomizers/clearomizers in the market, such as DCT, Vivi Nova, Vivi Tank, etc.
    3. It has a brand new design for the switch button; you need only a very gentle touch while vaping.
    4. The main boday of e-pipe is of wooden material, which gives you a healthier and more comfortable hand touch.
    5. The battey can be replaceable with any 18350 battery.

    Both ADCT and E-pipe 510 can make a perfect combo for your preferable collection, which will definitely give you a surprising shot! You can find the attachment for the detailed specification and pictures of ADCT and E-pipe 510 for your reference. If our our new products happen to arouse your interest, please feel free to contact us. Also, if you are looking for some other ecigs, you may log on our website for more info:

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Carltontech Co., Limited
    Mobile: +86 13823162718
    Skype: kevinlihy

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