More FDA stuff, EA B review, 134Mini Review, also beer, also Metal

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    Hello hello everyone! welcome to a early Tuesday VLOG video. I'll be honest, This video is a little all over the place due to it being the 2nd time I went through all this :) No matter. I'll have timestamps below to the different segments. Apart from some FDA talk throughout the video ( which will be included in every VLOG from now until 2016 ) We talk a little bit about Amber's new Tatttoo Aftercare product line. There is some beer and music included, as well as TWO FULL REVIEWS! The EA-B Mech mod from ElectricAngel and the iTaste 134Mini. Both of which are up for grabs in a giveaway that I will announce after the reviews. I also do a small first impressions of the iTaste DRV at the end of the video as well as a somewhat long FDA rant So tuck in, Grab your best vape and enjoy the video. Please allow youtube some time to process the video before the HD Option is available. Thank you so much for watching everyone. This program is also available on Soundcloud Top of the Program is a few shoutouts FDA discussions througout the video with the two biggest being at 09:35 and 45:13 Jam Attack / Solution brand is at 04:13 Beer and Music is at 16:49 EA-B Mech mod review is at 21:38 iTaste 134 Mini review is at 30:40 Giveaway details are at 40:30 Join CASAA, Forward the conformation email to Winner will be chosen in the next VLOG video on May 8th iTaste DRV is at 42:50 Crucial links below Casaa FDA reaction The Beer The Bands Purge Black Mask Hellacopters The Gear EA-B MOD 134 mini Join CASAA SilverState Tattoo and Arts Festival The Solution Brand Tattoo Aftercare

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