Marquis RDA, The origin of TOOT, Knight Review

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    Oct 12, 2012

    Hey everyone! welcome to The VLOG for Thursday December 11th 2014. As per usual we have some very very cool stuff to talk about. People asked and I answered. This is a long LONG vlog. So I hope you are up to the challenge. Beer, shoutouts, first impressions, vape reviews, non vape reviews, and the origins of the word "TOOT" Vapor. S. Thompson just gave me word that if you use the coupon code BUDDY it will get you $50 off of the VeaBuddy smart watch purchase. so tuck in, grab your best vape and enjoy the program. Timestamps for all the segments are below, as well as crucial links. This is also available on soundcloud for your listening pleasure. Gimme a few min on that one :) Beer is at the top of the show Shoutouts are at 5:58 First impressions are at 18:23 Retro Vaping is at 36:34 Review (Knight Mech) is at 43:39 Vea Buddy smart watch is at 48:04 Crucial links are below The Beer The Vapor Freakshow RDA Marquis RDA Knight Mech Mod The Other VEA buddy Smart Watch VaporCast Podcast (toot origin)

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