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    Oct 12, 2012

    No real way around this, the Kanger Protank or "glassomizer" as it's been called, it's a great vape IMO. The draw is a bit on the airy side, but i've heard of people fixing this with plumbers tape. If you've got steady hands, the heads of the Kanger Protank are rebuildable. I've not tried yet, but i have seen many people successfully rebuilding the heads. The Protank clocks in at around $20 for the tank and two replacment heads, which to me is a pretty screamin deal. Glass tank, sleek look, good performance. I'm a pretty big fan all around. Never had any leaking, or flooding issues, just good hit after good hit. The wick on the bottom WILL dry out if you chain vape it like crazy. So maybe take a few toots and pause for a second to let the wick catch up with the juice flow thanks so much for watching everyone! http://www.sun-vapers.com/buy/kanger-protank-glassomizer-by-kangertech/ http://www.grimmgreen.com

    Kanger ProTank Canada

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