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    Oct 12, 2012

    2 /12 full moths with the eVic and i've been using it quite a bit. The device itself is a great size, Great button, I don't even mind the slightly rattly "jog controler" It's made well and feels mostly durable. With the exception of a few people reporting broken switch areas, I have personally had no problems with the durability. The main problem lies in the software / firmware. The software is junky and updating is a pain, at least for me it has been. "HAS NOT FOUND THE HARDWARE EQUIPMENT" pops up every time, unless I uninstall and re install the MVR software. Which is a pain, I don't want to uninstall and re install iTunes every time I plug my phone in either. I'm excited for the future of the eVic, and I feel that for the money ( usually around $104 for the whole kit ) that it's a highly decent option in the VV / VW world. Lots of vendors including , , and Good are carrying the eVic. Now If I could just get a shiny chrome body for the eVic id be all set. thanks so much for watching everyone!

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