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    Oct 12, 2012

    "quick" first impressions video of the eVic from Joyetech Remember this is a FIRST IMPRESSIONS video :) at the time of this video I had used the eVic for around 48 hours. So it's really impossible to pass any final judgments so to speak. I really need to spend a LOT more time with a device, figure out every quirk and flaw. Now then, not incredibly impressed so far, but certainly not entirely disappointed either. It has a few things going for it. The build quality is pretty nice, on par with some more durable mods out there. The switch is clicky, and it will vape for you at a solid 5v throughout the life of the battery. Or at least until it reaches 10% There seems to be a LOT of unnecessary bells and whistles that while fall into the "neat" category, are fairly useless to the average vaper. I don't need a calendar on my mod. Sorry joyetech. ( remember that Joyetech originally wanted to put an MP3 player in the device that would become the Ego-C ) The software is kinda fun, mostly pointless. As are some of the other "features" like a puff counter and what i'm calling the TOOT TIMER! again... neat, but ultimately useless. It is variable voltage, I would like to see a firmware update that would let it either go to 6v , or be a full on varialbe wattage device. I'm not even sure something like that is possible. I'm still concerned about the life of the toggle ring, and the durability of the clear plastic housing for the screen. Formal wrap up to follow after the new year. Until then I will remain skeptical but optimistic as always. thanks so much for watching everyone!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all *hugs*

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