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    Oct 12, 2012

    I always get this wrong, but it's iVAPE.NET not , or :) now then...$79.95 will get you a Tesla mod. No batteries, cartomizers, chargers or juice. So factor that into the overall cost if you need to. The Tesla looks odd, not everyone is going to be stoked on the style of this mod. The performance is top notch, both variable voltage and variable wattage. This mod has PLENTY of power. It will check the ohms of an atomizer or cartomizer, as well as check the voltage left on a battery. It shuts off when the voltage goes too low, and also has reverse battery protection. Again, with the exception of the somewhat strange styling of this device, everything else works like a champ. I have a feeling that if it didn't look SO wacky, it would be a serious contender in the zMax / Lavatube , mid priced mods. It basically does everything I could want in a mod. Not to mention it's VERY reasonably priced. Thanks so much for watching everyone!

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