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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Like I said in the video, I purchased this at Vapebash with two HH357 atomizers for around $140 , it came with a cisco spec 1.5ohm 510 atomizer as well. In fact I went back later and bought some more Cisco spec atomizers because I liked the way it was vaping so much. Like a lot of other things in vaping, this has a bit of a learning curve to it. Like I said in the video, Avidvaper says on their site that they cant guarantee that it will always auto feed, Mine will autofeed for hours, and will occasionally go dry. Finger over the hole, quick toot, and the atomizer is full of juice again. Don't let that juice just sit there, since it's an atomizer on the inside, it will leak back out if you don't vape it. I've got in the habit of always laying my AMP tank down, hole side up, and have only on rare occasions had some juice leak out. Used it all through Vapebash, and have been using it every day since vapebash. Everything from the way you draw, to the thickness of your juice will be a variable for the AMP Tank. I've been using a 50/50 juice ( Cartomator crush ) the entire time in my tank and it autofeeds easily 80% of the time. It's about finding that perfect balance. It IS possible to unscrew the atomizer enough that it will stop making a connection. So if you're not getting the AMP tank to feed, don't start unscrewing the atomizer more and more because it will eventually loose the connection, and you might end up with juice all over the place. thanks so much for watching everyone!

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