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    Oct 12, 2012
    USA Like a lot of vendors right now, VaporAlley does not have a whole lot of stock on hand due to the Chinese new year. But should be back in stock very soon. Now then. It's the VAMO, The price is right, The performance is top notch, The build quality is excellent. I've heard ( multiple ) reports from VAMO owners that the center connection pin on the VAMO is quite fragile. SO BE CAREFUL. Attaching an atomizer or cartomizer with an unforgiving center pin could possibly ruin your VAMO and render you vape-less I've been using mostly BOGES and 801 fusions with a non sealed adapter. When I did use them, my RBA's like the FATTY and the KRUSER1 both worked well and didn't seem to affect the connection point. If the center pin is the only "hole in the death star" for this mod. Then we have to assume that the VAMO V2 will address this problem. Or even future production runs as well. Overall i'm really REALLY digging the VAMO. Even the screen ( which is basically the same screen in the LavaTube V2 ) looks nice. It's only LCD but it's bright, and easy to read... oh and is ABOVE the adjustment buttons :) Here is the link the ECF blog discussing AVG vs RMS, it's a good ( somewhat confusing if you're bad at math like me ) read Thanks so much for watching everyone!

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